The Trustees

Clive Shiret

Clive is a founding trustee and chairman. He is responsible for governance, general management, and accounting matters for the Livingstone Tanzania Trust. Clive’s background is in the service sector, where he started, grew, and sold various businesses.

Julian Page


Julian is the founder of LTT and its Director, he earned a Masters degree in International Development from Westminster University, London, which provided the inspiration for establishing LTT. He brings many years of management experience in facilities & catering management to the day-to-day operations of LTT. His Quaker values and passion to bring about positive change in a peaceful way provides his motivation.

Tum Kazunga

Tum has worked in both the private and humanitarian sectors in the UK and Africa. His background is in marketing and fundraising, and he has a keen interest in exploring the common spaces between enterprise and development as well as the impact of digital technologies on poverty reduction. He is currently working for a global development charity as Head of Corporate Partnerships.


Niduk has worked on international development issues, including universalising workers’ rights, smallholder agriculture, water, health, and education, since 2001. She holds degrees from McMaster University in Canada, and the London School of Economics and Middlesex University in the UK. She is now Principal of a boutique international development and philanthropic advisory firm. 

Tom Wills

Tom first came to Babatei as a volunteer in 2009 and has since returned as a volunteer leader. Between time he gained a degree from Cambridge in History before joining the civil service. 

Tom works as a specialist policy and advocacy adviser for a fair trade charity skills that he also brings to LTT

Alix Wootten

Alix came to Babati in 2009 as a team leader and later joined LTT as an intern, as we developed our early marketing and social network strategies. Alix has worked for several excellent charities since in a fundraising capacity and she brings her experience to LTT as we seek to grow


Elizabeth Brown

Elizabeth has over 12 years' experience in the charitable and social finance sectors. Her earlier roles were in fundraising and administration for charities and helping to manage a charitable trust. More recently she worked as a sustainability analyst for a leading ethical bank Elizabeth started with us on 2nd June 2014 on a part time basis working 12 hours a week.

Community Programmes Manager

Sophie Wotton

Sophie worked as an intern with LTT before joining us on a part time and then full time basis. With a Masters in International Development, Sophie offers us her skills and passion by assisting us research some of the more technical projects ensuring that best practice is at the fore front of what we do. She started with us in April  2015 and went full time in August 2016.

Retired Trustee

Mike Hodd

Michael is an economist, who was educated at Cambridge, the London School of Economics (LSE) and Princeton, and who has taught at universities in Australia, London, India, and Tanzania. He first visited Tanzania in 1973 and has returned to work there numerous times. Michael is currently Vice-Chancellor of Baze University in Abuja, Nigeria. Mike has been awarded the honour of being voted BEST VICE CHANCELLOR in AFRICA 2015 by the All Africa Students Union.


Tanzania Team - Manyara Community Development Organisation


In order to improve LTT's grass roots participation, we helped establish a Community Based Organisation called the Manyara Community Development Organisation Ltd, made up entirely of local community members. Each member represents a community or school and enable grass roots project ideas to be heard and developed into proposals that are then reviewed by LTT. Together we discuss what success looks like and identify goals and targets against which the community and MCDO can monitor progress. To ensure that the lines of work are understood by all we have a Memorandum of Understanding between us.    

Reverend Jason Kahembe

Jason established the Manyara Community Development Organisation Ltd (MCDO) in 2012 and is their Project Director. His role is to work with the different local skateholders to assist them develop their ideas and prepare project proposals for consideration. He is responsible for their delivery, monitoring their progress and providing feedback. Jason is also a Luthern Reverend.

Mr Marceli

Mr Marceli works for MCDO as an Agricultural advisor. Training at the Dareda Agriculture Institute, Marceli's own farm is a self sufficient blend of livestock and crops that joins seamlessly to provide a holistic farm that supports his whole family. Marceli has assisted in the development of the market gardens at Waangwaray, Sinai, Maanghat, at our Offices and provides guidance and advice to members of the community.

Yohana Justin

Yohanna works for MCDO also in a duel capacity, He also looks after volunteers and for the rests of the time works in our Projects Manager. He works very closely with the community groups , offering guidance and assistance as they develop their plans. Yohanna also runs our health awareness projects, explaining to the community the importance of good diet and hygiene.

LTT UK Volunteers 

We are grateful to the following people for their kindness in volunteering their time and skills to work with us:

Mr and Mrs Wills, Mr and Mrs Page, Andrew Cancilla, Phil Tover