The Livingstone Tanzania Trust wants volunteers to come and work alongside the community, undertaking work that focuses on bringing benefits to the community.

In our Education Programme you will see that each school has an agreed school development plan. When volunteers come they are providing the funds for aspects of that programme to be realised. Mostly this takes the form of capital investment in projects that the community could not afford on their own. Without the volunteers some of these project may take years to be achieved.

At no point do we replace local builders with volunteers as that would be against what we are trying to achieve. We buy all our materials locally, employ local people to build, work as security guards or chefs and thus inject funds directly into the communities we work with. We encourage local farmers to being their produce to site so volunteers can but fresh produce.

We work exclusively with a social enterprise called Inspire Worldwide who are responsible for all the logistics, insurance, contingency planning, provide experienced team leaders to ensure the physical and mental safely of the team from the moment they pass through customs to the moment they re-enter the airport on the way home.  Together we provide training sessions and pre-departure training, acclimatizing training and on-site training and for school groups parental briefings.

Volunteers are taught Swahili and have plenty of opportunities to engage with the community and learn about cultural similarities and cultural differences. This is a two way street and the community also get to challenge their social and gender stereotypes.

The volunteers are asked to raise funds for at least 12 months to ensure the purchase of materials and labour to build the building.

Each volunteer is required to sign a copy of our Volunteer Charter which outlines the responsibilities they agree to prior to coming to Tanzania.

If you would like to learn more about how you can bring a team to Babati, please contact us using the form below

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