Waangwaray Primary School

The Waangwaray Primary School, located 5km east of Babati on the slopes of Mount Kwaraa, is in a rural community of mixed tribal groups, education and affluence. As Babati Town expands this areas is becoming more desirable. However the slow but steady deforestation of the mountain forests will, if left unchecked, lead to increased soil erosion and environmental degradation. The school provides an education for children aged between 5-14.

In 2006 this school was in a dangerous state of disrepair, with insufficient classrooms, out of date text books, no students toilets, poor staff toilets, a shell of a teachers’ house and a kindergarten in a condemned building. It was recognised as the worst primary school in the Babati Town District with a poor environment, de-motivated teachers, high absenteeism and a disengaged community. Livingstone Tanzania Trust engaged the teachers, community and local education and administration authorities and designed a participatory capital investment programme that met the needs of the school and in November 2006 started the renovation and construction programme.

This School Development Plan identifies the progress that have been made focuses on what is still outstanding. The plans are reviewed annually with the School Development Committee, Village Executive officer, teachers and students . 

Ensuring the sustainability of the plans is vital and this can only be achieved if all stakeholders understand their roles and participate fully. In order to ensure that the relationships and responsibilities are clear a Memorandum of Understanding has been agreed between the stakeholders.