The Livingstone Tanzania Trust works with communities in the Babati District of the Manyara Region of northern Tanzania. Babati is the capital of the region, a growing administrative hub as well as a junction town. 

The communities we work with are 4-10 km from central Babati and are in different states of transition from rural to urban. This transition is happening quickly and the need to adapt is crucial. Those communities closer to Babati, once subsistence farming communities like Sawe and Waangwaray, are now having town regulations imposed on them to upgrade their homes from mud and sticks and thatch to bricks, cement and corrugated iron. Their land is subjected to reclassification from agricultural land to development land, potentially accompanied by compulsory purchase orders. Those living further from Babati, like those living in Managhat, are still living the rural lifestyle of subsistence farmers, and continue to farm in their traditional ways. Both types of community have a need and desire to improve their yields, but must achieve this in different ways.

As the town of Babati grows the potential for new income generating opportunities are significant. Local people can exploit these opportunities if they have the skills, knowledge and capital to do so. 

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