Welcome to the Livingstone Tanzania Trust

The Livingstone Tanzania Trust (LTT) believe that education is the best tool available to fight poverty because education is the stimulus for change, development, personal growth, improved health, environmental awareness, and wealth creation and through education society can challenge gender disparity and conflict. Education inspires us throughout our lives.

LTT believe that enterprise and trade are the drivers for economic and social development because they create jobs and bring prosperity. By building on existing knowledge and skills and by providing kick start loans farmers and small business managers can take control of their own development.

As a grass roots development organisation LTT listens to the needs and priorities of the communities we work with. We recognise the challenges of addressing the immediate needs whilst working towards long term development, and hand in hand with the community, we develop sustainable programmes that enable people to bring about the changes they want, to improve their lives. 

Our philosophy is people, partnership, participation, and progress and through this we witness first-hand the positive impacts our support is having in both schools and the community.