The Livingstone Tanzania Trust supports grass roots community and education focused projects that tackle the daily hardships and hurdles of life that perpetuate poverty.  Supporting the work of our partner organisation MCDO, we listen to the community and together develop projects that dismantle the hurdles and reduce the hardships of life while promoting equality and human rights. 


Our Education Programme, developed in collaboration with the local School Development Committee and other stakeholders, addresses the specific needs of each school. By developing the resources of the schools and ensuring that students are well nourished, we can assist the children make the most of their education. To read more about this programme click HERE


Our Enterprise Programme helps people to empower themselves by providing resources and training that can enhance their skills and build on their existing knowledge. Thee initiatives are often simple and effective and target opportunities that individuals have spotted and need some assistance developing. To read more about this programme please click HERE


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If you can help to support the valuable work we are doing in Tanzania to alleviate poverty, promote equality and peace, then please donate what you can. Our work is dependant on the generous support of people who share our vision.

If you are a UK tax please remember to click on the Gift Aid button and the Government will give us 25p for every £1.00 you donate.