Creating greater equality by 2022


With the right support, women have the power to end household poverty in Babati.

Over the next five years, we will continue to implement programmes which provide training, practical skills and access to loans.

These programmes can economically empower poor women, as well as giving them a voice and a greater awareness of women's rights.


Savings and Loan Schemes

By 2022, we plan to have made loans ranging from £70 to £170 to approximately 550 members of women's and farming groups across five different communities, each supporting farming or other micro-businesses.

We also expect to see 20 teachers graduate, having been supported by their Savings and Loans Scheme. This will create a significant savings pot, from which loans can be made to each other as they wish.

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Batik and Soap Manufacturing

As the Sawe Women's Group continues to generate revenue from batik and soap manufacturing, we intend to support their development plans.

This will ensure they have the support in place should they wish to expand their business operations further afield. 



Menstrual Hygiene Management

In 2017/18, we will run a pilot programme with girls in primary and secondary schools, as well as with those outside of formal education, helping to increase awareness of menstrual hygiene and dispel myths associated with menstruation and reproductive health.

Boys, teachers, parents and school health workers will also be included in the programme, enhancing their knowledge and breaking down prejudices against girls and women.

Following evaluation, we will seek to deliver the training to school health workers across the region, so that they can deliver training to others in their respective communities. 

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Girl Guides of the Manyara Region

As the Manyara Region Girl Guide Group strives to socially and economically advance girls and young women within the region, we will continue to support their outstanding work over the next five years.

By 2022, we aim to promote the delivery of a Girls4Girls programme, which has been developed by Inspire-Worldwide.

The programme is designed to help girls from one culture support girls from another, supporting the belief that all women are connected and share an important role in the future of our globalised world.