Livingstone Tanzania Trust

We believe in the power of community to drive change 


As a poverty alleviation charity our aim is to help unleash the potential within the community so that they can achieve the goals that they want to achieve for themselves


Together we build the foundations of sustainable education, unleashing the potential that lies within 

We support women to unleash their ambitions and aspirations

We enhance local agricultural knowledge so farmers can fight poverty from the ground up


Annual Review 2018/19

  • 443,200 meals are being 100% provided by parents and the community at our partner schools

  • 307 Farmers have been trained through our Farmer Training Programme

  • 13 classrooms this year have either brought back to life (11) or built from scratch (2) this year alone

  • 3,400 students are now benefiting from better SWASH facilities


News from the field

Today's firewood is tomorrow's deforested lands


our 5 year plan

Dedicated to change

Change management starts with a contagious desire to change.

The Livingstone Tanzania Trust works with people and communities in the Manyara Region to bring about change. Our role is to help them by building their skills and knowledge, and by providing access to finances so that they can turn their dreams into a reality.  

With your funding and support, we are helping communities improve their tomorrows.  

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Livingstone Tanzania Trust recognises and demonstrates how core investment at the community level has a multiplier effect, adding immense value to the lives of children and their families, opening the door to opportunities otherwise so often denied.
— Piers Pigou - Senior Consultant for Southern Africa at the International Crisis Group