Education alone cannot overcome poverty - but it is the best way to tackle it

Tanzania has a growing demographic of vibrant, energetic children who, one day, will be the future of the country.

However, without vast improvements to educational opportunities, these young people will never learn the skills they need for the lifelong careers that could drastically improve Tanzania's economy and society.

By working together, we aim to help communities turn around their underperforming schools - giving their children the environment, resources and encouragement they need to reach their potential.  


Community Targets

  • Good water security

  • Class sizes not in excess of 50 pupils

  • 1 desk per 3 students

  • Book ratios to never fall below 1 book per 3 students in all subjects

  • Attendance levels to be 90%

  • Pass rate to secondary school to be above 70%

  • Lunchtime meal for all students, provided by the community

  • Football goals and netball posts

  • Toilets to be of WHO SWASH standard

  • Buildings and other assets to maintained by School Development Committee

  • School income to cover running costs of school and contribute to unplanned maintenance

  • Kitchens to have fuel-efficient stoves; firewood trees must be planted

  • Adequate teacher accommodation

To see how we are progressing against the targets, please go to Impacts.

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