Freedom Torch of Tanzania visits Malangi


Every year the Tanzanian Freedom Torch tours the country visiting people or places that have made excellent impact on the country. This year it came to the Malangi Community, for the first time ever, to see TWO of our projects. The new classrooms that we built with the community and the rainwater harvesting systems we attached to them.

At the official ceremony, surrounding by the community and the village, ward, town, district and regional leaders, the torch bearer congratulated LTT, MCDO and the community for the fantastic physical changes at the school, urged the teachers to work harder to improve academic performance and reminded the students and the parents just how important an education is and that the students must attend each and every day.

While the work at the school is on-going, we can all be proud that our work is recognised by the country’s Vice President through the Freedom Torch Tour, and that what wasfailing school 3 years ago is now receiving such accolades. 

We are still working there and still need funds to complete the tasks. We want more reading books, bookshelves and the like, 3 classrooms need a new roof and new floors....