Street Business School Graduation

Congratulations to the graduates of our first Street Business School who successfully completed business and entrepreneurship training in Babati.

This exciting project provides community members with the knowledge, skills and confidence to start small businesses. Participants learnt about market research, identifying opportunities, business planning, record keeping and the concept of starting small and growing. Before the training Abdi explained he thought he knew how to run a business, but after the training he recognised that he was doing many things wrong and the training has helped him correct and improve. Since then he has built 3 little shops; he will rent out two of them and in the third he has set up a hairdressing salon. He plans to have a loyalty programme for his regular customers to ensure he keeps them happy. Joseph, another graduate, has set up a shop selling items that cannot be found in the community. He also buys dried goods in bulk, having the additional benefit of improving the profits of the café run by his wife next door. The graduates are all feeling very positive about their futures and we look forward to sharing their progress with you.

Julian PageComment